God gave me a gift. I am not saying He gave me a talent...no. He gave me a gift, many in fact. The gift that I write about is the gift of writing. I love my writing. I have been journaling my days, thoughts and feelings since I was a little girl. It has alway been the way that I try to understand my life. The way that I tried to forgive and process the whys of my situations growing up in such a confusing time of childhood. It was how I tried to save myself with poems and make a bad time seem beautiful in away. My writing grew up as I did and I started to write fiction stories about ghost and mysteries but then one day I just stopped. I became a Mom, small entries in a baby book was all I had time to do. Until almost 13 years later I found my love of writing again...I didn't know just how bad I was going to need my old friend.
I write to process the life I have already live and to set a path for my future. I write because it fills my soul with such a fire that I think it might be what I was always meant to do. It doesn't matter how perfect it is to someone else, it only matters the wave of energy that the I get from from each connect to the next person. Writing is love. It's sad and it pure. It's sharing my life and my heart with people and connecting to save and know we are not living this life alone. We are all one.